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Dr. Kishore Chandra Dash

Principal Bajirout Memorial College, Bhuban, Dhenkanal

Welcome to Baji Rout Memorial College

Establishment of Baji Rout Memorial College in the year 1976 is out of the Popular will, initiative of Political leaders in general and sacred efforts of men like late Mohanta Pradhan and late Kailash Chandra Mohapatra in Particular.

From the year of establishment the college has grown up passing through different Political climates and leaders like late Kailash Ch. Mohapatra, Ex-M.L.A, Sri Prasanna Kumar Pattnaik, Ex-M.L.A., Mrs. Premalata Mohapatra, Ex-M.L.A. Sri Brahmananda Biswal, Ex-M.L.A. Sri Prafulla Kumar Mallick, Present M.L.A., Kamakhyanagar, Brigradier Kamakhya Prasad Singh Deo, Ex-M.P. & Present M.P. Sri Tathagat Satpathy (Lok Sabha) and Sri Rudra Narayan Pani, Present M.P. (Rajya Sabha) have extended their Co-operation and helping hand for the development of the institution.


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Notice No 138/19, dt. 24.10.19

Sealed quotations are invited from the interested parties to supply of students I. cards. The quotations should reach the undersigned by 30.10.19 and seal will open on the last date of apply at 3.00 PM undersigned reserves all the rights to cancel any or all then quotations without assigning any reason thereof.

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  • Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft."Winston Churchill"

  • Study the past, if you would divine the future."Confucius"

  • The authority of those who teach is often an obstacle to those who want to learn"Cicero"