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The extracurricular activities have been assigned among the members of the teaching staff along with their normal academic duties for the academic session- 2017-18 as stated below noted against their names( Name not strictly in order of seniority) till the further order.

Sl. No               Discipline                                                        Name & Designation                        

1.                                                Secretary, Staff Council                                  Sri S. Chinara, Reader in Sanskrit


2.                                                Administrative Bursar                                     Sri S. Chinara, Reader in Sanskrit

            Associate                                                         Sri  B.K. Das, SL/  Com.

                                                                        Sri  P.K. Bhuyan, Lect-in Hist.


3.                 Officer in charge of Vocational                      Sri A.K. Behera, Reader-in Eng.



   4.                  Academic Bursar        (+3)                              Sri B.K. Dash, SL /Com


Co-ordinator   SAMS (+3)                               Sri S. Chinara, Reader in Sanskrit

Admission                                                        Sri G.C Moharana, Lect-in Sans

                                                                        Sri  A.K. Dhir, Lect-in English

                                                                        Sri Samira Kuma Sahoo, Lect in Education


  5.                   Academic Bursar                                            Sri  H.S Mishra, Sr.Lect-in Pol. Sc


Co-ordinator   SAMS (+2)                               Sri A. K. Behera, Reader in English

Admission                                                        Sri  S.K. Rout, Lect-in Com

Sri A.C. Patra, Lect-in Edn

Dr S. N Dash, Lect in Chemistry                               


  6.                   Accounts Bursar (Salary & G.P.F)                   Sri  B.K. Das, SL /Com

                        Accounts Bursar (General)                             Sri  H.S. Mishra, SL/- Pol.Sc.

                        Associates                                                       Sri S.K. Rout, Lect-in Com

                                                                                                Dr. S. N. Dash, L/Chem

DCR +2                                                                        Sri S.K. Mishra, Lect-in Eco

                        DCR +3                                                                        Sri Manoj. Ku. Behera, Lect-in Math


7.                     Examination Cell                                             Sri  H.S Mishra, Sr.Lect-in Pol. Sc

                        (House, Council & University)                         Sri P.K. Bhuyan, Lect-in Hist.

                        Associates                                                       Sri  G.C Moharana, Lect-in Sans.

                                                                                                Sri P. Swain, Lect-in Odia

                                                                                                Sri  Alekh Ch. Patra, Lect-in Edn

                                                                                                Sri  Suresh Ku. Mishra, Lect-in Eco

                                                                                                Dr. S. N. Das, L/Chem


8.                     Officer in charge of Abstract of                     Smt. M. Deo, Lect-in Pol.Sc

                        Students attendance   +2                                Sri  S.K. Sahoo, Demo-in Chem



Smt. Rojalini Pradhan, L/Pol.Sc

Sri H.N Behera, Lect-in Edn  

                                                            +3                                Smt. Krushnapriya Patra, L/Bot


9.                     Prof. in charge of Tabulation work

                                                            +2                                Sri Ranjan  Sethy, L/Odia

                                                                                                Miss. S. Mania, Lect-in Bot

                                                            +3                                Sri J.R. Sahoo, Lect-in Chem.

                                                                                                Sri S.K. Sahoo, Demo-in Chem.

                                                                                                Sri Pranab Ku. Parida, Demo


10.                   Prof. in charge of UGC/NAAC/RUSA               Sri  A.K. Behera, R/ Eng

                        IQAC                                                                Sri  K.C. Sahoo, SL/ Hist

                                                                                                 Sri  P.K. Bhuyan, Lect-in Hist

                                                                                                Dr. H. K. Panda L/Zool

                                                                                                Sri N.K. Dhir, Asst. Librarian

                                                                                                Sri Purusottam Barik, H/C


11.                   Income Tax/GPF/GIA/EPF/ Treasury              Sri  B.K. Dash, SL/ Com.

                                                                                                Sri  P.K. Pattanaik, Demo


12.                   R.T.I                                                                 Sri  A.K. Behera, R/ Eng                                                                                                                                 

                                                                                                Sri  G.C. Maharana, Lect-in Sans.


13.(A)              Class Verification                                            Sri  B.K. Dash, SL Com                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                               Sri  K.C. Sahoo, Sl/Hist.

                                                                                                Sri P.K. Jena, Lect-in Hist.

                                                                                               Sri  D. Jena, Lect-in Eco

 (B)                  Course verification                                         Sri P.K.Bhuyan, L/History

                                                                                                Dr. S.N.Das, L/Chem.


14.                   Service Book & Pension Paper                        Sri B.K. Dash, Sl / Com.

                                                                                                Sri H.S. Mishra, SL/ Pol.Sc

                                                                                                Sri  G.C. Maharana, Lect-in Sans.


15.                   Employee’s Grievance Cell                             Administrative Bursar,

                                                                                                Sri H.S. Mishra, SL/ Pol.Sc

                                                                                                Mrs M. Mishra, Sl/ Education

                                                                                                Sri P.K. Bhuyan, Lect-in Hist

                                                                                                Sri N.K. Dhir, Asst. Librarian

                                                                                                Sri Purusottam Barik, H/C


16.                   Certificate and other Official Paper               Sri S.Chinara,R/Sanskrit

                                                                                                 Sri A.K.Behera,R/English

                                                                                                Sri G.C. Maharana, Lect-in Sans.

                                                                                                Sri B.D. Sahoo, Lect-in Odia

                                                                                                Sri A.K.Dhir,L/English


17.                   Self-Defence Training Programme                Sri B.D. Sahoo, Lect-in Edn

                        Committee                                                      Smt. A. Behera, Lect-in Botany

                                                                                                Sri S.K. Behera, Lect-in Hist.


18.                   SC/ST Committee                                            Sri K.C. Sahoo, Lect-in Hist.

                                                                                                Sri A.C.Patra, Lect-in Education.

                                                                                                Sri B.D. Sahoo, Lect-in Odia


19.                   U.G.C Planning Committee                             Sri A.K.Behera,R/Eng                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                Sri H.S Mishra, Lect-in Pol.Sc

                                                                                                Sri P.K. Bhuyan, Lect-in Hist

                                                                                                Sri N.K. Dhir, Asst. Librarian

20.                   Construction & Purchase Committee                        

                        (General & U.G.C)                                           Prof. S. Chinara, Lect-in Sans.

                                                                                                Sri  A.K. Behera, R/ Eng.


                                                                                                Sri B.D Sahoo, Lect-in Odia

                                                                                                Sri A.C Patra, Lect-in Edn

                                                                                                Sri T.K. Sahoo, Lect-in Log & Phil

                                                                                                Sri. P.K. Pattanaik, Demo-in Phy

                                                                                                Sri R.C Rout, Demo-in Botany


21.                   Office in charge of stock & store                   Sri Prafulla Ku. Bhuyan, L/Hist.

                        (General  & U.G.C)                                          Mrs D. Pani, L/Pol. Sc

Sri D. Jena, Lect-in Eco


22.                   Advisor College Union                                         Sri H.S Mishra, Lect-in Pol.Sc

                        Associates                                                           Smt. M. Mishra,

                                                                                                     Sri P.Swain,L/Odia

Sri  D. Jena, Lect-in Eco

R.Sethi, Lect-in Odia.

Miss Srabani Alpana, L/Logic and Philosophy



23.                   V.P Athletic Club                                                  Smt. M. Mishra, Lect-in Edn.

                                                                                                     Sri S.K. Behera,L/History

Sri  A.C. Patra, Lect-in Edn.

Sri P. K. Jena, L/History

Miss. Sanghamitra Mishra, L/Eco.



24.                   V.P Dramatic Society ( +3)                             Sri K.C Sahoo, Lect-in Hist.

                                                                                                Sri. P. Swain, Lect-in Odia

Smt. I. R. Sahoo, Lect-in Sans.

Miss K. T. Sahoo, L/History


25.                   Censor D.S.A                                                   Sri A.C Patra, Lect-in Edn.

                                                                                                Sri T.K. Sahoo, Lect-in Phil.

                                                                                                Sri  S.K. Behera, Lect-in Hist.


26.                   Library Committee                                          Sri K.C. Sahoo, Lect-in Hist.

                                                                                                Miss. Sanghamitra Mishra L/Eco.

                                                                                                Dr. H.K.Panda,. L/Zoology

                                                                                                Sri Ranjan Sethi,L/Odia


27.                   V.P Commerce Society                                   Sri B.K. Dash, SL/Com.

                        Associates                                                       Sri  Sunil Rout, Lect-in Com.


28.                   Prof. in charge Staff Common Room             Sri  H.S. Mishra,SL/ Pol.Sc

                                                                                                Sri  D. Jena, Lect-in Eco.


29.                   V.P Science Society                                         Dr..S.N.Das, L/Chem.

                                    Associates                                           Dr. H.K.Panda, L/Zool.

                                                                                                Sri Sanjaya Ku. Sahoo, Lect-in Chem

                                                                                                Miss. S.Mania, L/Bot.


30.                   Editors College Magazine (Smruti)                   Sri  R.Sethi, Lect-in Odia


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