Education dispels darkness of ignorance and blossoms the ray of learning. Education is the real vision of all human Civilisation Man has become the rational master of all beings for his power of intellect” that is almost manifested through education. With a view to foster the need of higher education of this locality a temple of learning named “Bajirout Memorial College” was established in the year 1976. The college is established in the locality of Bhuban which occupies an important and historic spot not only in India but also in the world map. It is the largest village (at Present N.A.C) in the continent of Asia and widely remarkable for brass and bellmetal works. The college is established in the memory of the renowned martyr Bajirout, a boy of twelve years “who dedicated his life for the liberation of mother India. The institution is ideally situated in a beautiful and natural land scape occupying an area of 55 acres of land by the high way from Bhuban to Jajpur Road. It stands on a spot beautifully, decorated by hills and natural forests.

     The establishment of Bajirout Memorial College in the year 1976 is out of the Popular will, initiative of Political leaders in general and sacred efforts of men like late Mohanta Pradhan and late Kailash Chandra Mohapatra in Particular. From the year of establishment the college has grown up passing through different Political climates and leaders like late Kailash Ch. Mohapatra, Ex-M.L.A, Sri Prasanna Kumar Pattnaik, Ex-M.L.A., Mrs. Premalata Mohapatra, Ex-M.L.A. Sri Brahmananda Biswal, Ex-M.L.A. Sri Prafulla Kumar Mallick, Present M.L.A., Kamakhyanagar, Brigradier Kamakhya Prasad Singh Deo, Ex-M.P. & Present M.P. Sri Tathagat Satpathy (Lok Sabha) and Sri Rudra Narayan Pani, Present M.P. (Rajya Sabha) have extended their Co-operation and helping hand for the development of the institution. Besides, the sincere efforts and active co-operation of the intellectuals of Bhuban locality have contributed a lot in bringing the Present shape and status of the college.

     Initially this institution got government concurrence in the year 1976-77 and affiliated to Utkal University opening intermediate Arts class. By the effort of the Management the intermediate Commerce was opened in the year. 1981-82. In the year 1983-84 traditional intermediate class was converted in to +2 and affiliated to C.H.S.E., Orissa by the local demand and sincere effort of the Governing Body. +3 degree class in Arts and Commerce was opened and University affiliation was obtained in 1983-84. The college got affiliation from C.H.S.E., Orissa for opening +2 Science in the year 1991-92 and from Utkal University for opening of Honours in History and Political Science in Degree stage. Honours in Education have been opened and affiliated to Utkal University has been accorded from 1993-94. The college has got govt. permission to open honours in Accountancy from the year 1998-99 and honours in economics and Philosophy from the session 1999-2000. On its onward march the college has blossomed in to a fulfledged college with Arts, Science, Commerce at +2 stage and arts commerce at degree stage. The college has also obtained of UGC affiliation, (under section -2 (f) and 12-B of the UGC) 1.2.93. Effort for opening of Science stream in degree level on progress. The college has availed financial assistance from OMC Ltd, Orissa Mining Area development fund, the Mass Education Deptt. Of the govt. of Orissa, University Grant Commission, MP Grant, Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India and other benevolent donors. Still the college is on the way to go ahead for which it needs the sincere co-operation and Involvement of Public and further financial assistance from all Possible sources.

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