I.     Admission Rules :

1.           Candidates, who seek admission (or re-admission in case of detained students) shall send application in the prescribed form duly filled in, so as to reach the Principal of the College on or before the last date for the receipt of the application. Applications received after the specified or last date shall be considered only after all applications received by the specified date are exhausted.

2.            Under no circumstances application on plain paper for admission will be accepted.

3.            An application incomplete in ay respect is liable to be rejected. Attested copies of T.C., Mark Sheet, Caste Certificate, Money receipt etc. should be attached to the Application form.

4.            Application forms for admission will be available at the office counter during specific office hours on payment of application fees. Forms can also be obtained by post by enclosing a duly stamped envelope with an application to the Principal.

5.            The college will not accept any responsibility for loss or delay in transit.

6.            Selected Candidates are called for admission on particular dates. Failure to turn up on the date or to produce the required documents in original shall amount to forfeiture of the seat. Extension of date of admission shall not ordinarily be allowed.

7.            On no account should admission be permitted by spot selection.

8.            Admission to the coUege cannot be daimed as a right. Merit and conduct of the candidate shall be an important factor in deciding his prayer for admission to the college.

9.            All admissions are provisional. The principal reserves the right to revoke an admission, if necessary the decision of the principal regarding admission shall be binding and final.

10.       Detailed information regarding admission are laid down in the college prospectus supplied along with forms.

II. Time-Limit of admission

The CHSE & Utkal University has prescribed the following time-limit for admission into different classes :

Class to which admission is sought

Time Limit

 1.    +2 courses (For students Passing the qualifying Annual Examination

Within Six weeks without fine and two weeks more with fine from the date of reopening of the college after the summer vacation

The attendance at Lectures, tutorials and practicals of a candidate admitted after expiry of six weeks of time limit provided in the regulation shall be calculated from the date of their admission (Vide Regulation 5.6) of Chapter II of the Regulation.

(Passing the Supplementary H.S.C. Examination)

Within two weeks (14 days without fine and one week (1 days with fine after the publication of result. The  attendance at lectures, tutorials and practical of candidates admitted after expiry of time limit will be calculated from the date of their admission.

2.     +3 Degree Course (for students passing the qualifying Examination)

(Within four weeks (28 days) after summer vacation without fine plus two weeks (14 days) on payment of late admission fee of Rs. 05.00 in each case. The attendance at lectures, tutorials and practicals of candidates after expiry of 4 weeks of time limit provided in the regulation shall be calculated from the date of admission

3.     For purpose of new admission into 1st year of Higher secondary, 1st year of Three years Degree courses the normal time of admission is eight/six weeks as per regulation of the Higher Secondary Council Universities concerned after the reopening of the college.

III. University Regulations

Registration :


1.     Every student of the college has to be registered students of the Utakal University. On admission into the first year class or on admission to College after migration from another University a student pays a fee of Rs. 4.00 for the registration of his/her name by the University. When the name of students is struck off the rolls for default in payment of the prescribed name of students is struck off the rolls for default in payment of the prescribed college dues or for any other reason and readmission is ought thereafter. He or she has to pay a re-entry fee of Rs. 1.00. in addition to the readmission fee.

2.     Students seeking admission to the college after Passing the High School Certificate and the Higher Secondary School Examination of the Board of Secondary Education Orissa Have to pay an additional fee of Rs. 2.00 for recognition.

N.B.- Registration is essential for permission to appear at a university Examination. The Registration Receipt is required to be produced at the time of filling in application from for admission to every University Examination. Students are therefore. Advised to preserve their registration receipts with care.

IV. Attendance

1.     Every student is required to attend in each subject at least 75% of lectures, Practical tutorials etc. calculated separately so as to be deemed eligible for promotion to the next higher class or/and to be sent up for the University Examination.

2.     The syndicate may however condone shortage of attendance to the extent of 15% only in exceptional case on production of Medical certificates. The Syndicate may also grand condonation to a further extent of 5% in the case of such students as are deputed by the State or the University for any prupose.

N.B. :  In no circumstance can a student he helped his/her percentage of attendance falls short of the requisite minimum. So the students should be careful not to absent themselves from their classes, otherwise they are liable to be detained irrespective of their performance at the College examination.

V. Office Administration

20.   The college office is open from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. daily except on Sunday and holidays unless otherwise notified in advance.

21.   Students are required to go the specified counters to get their work done. They should not enter the office for any purpose without permission.

22.   Students are required to maintain discipline at the counter. The queue habit facilitates work and helps everybody.

23    a) Students are not allowed to enter the staff common room. In case a student has some work with a member of the staff, he is required to inform him by the bearer of common room.

       b) Students should not be rude to the office staff on behave with them in discourteous manner. Any complaint regarding official lapses should be brought to the notice of the principal.

24.   Students should bring their identity cards at the time of payment of scholarships and any other financial assistance.

VI. Applications, complaints Etc.

25.   All routine applications should be put between 11.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. in the box kept for the purpose near the collection counter, and these are disposed of ordinarily on the same day.

26.   Applications for free studentship, AIDS from SSG or University Aid Fund, exemption from Fines, railways concessions etc. Should be made through the respective proctors.

27.   Application for the issue of C.L.C, Conduct Certificates, mark sheets etc. should be submitted along with requisite fees and clearance forms. If any and the required documents will be issued on the 3rd day from the receipt of the applications.

28.   Any genuine complaint should be brought to the notice of the immediate authority. In the event of no action being taken there no, the complaint may be lodged with the next higher authority through immediate authority.

29.   Student having any grievances or complaints should bring them to the notice of the principal only during the fixed hours for personal hearing, if necessary.

VII. Payment of Fees or Fines

25.   Tuition fees is payable by 3.00 p.m. the days fixed for collection otherwise it has to be paid with a fine of Rs. 1.00 (one rupee) on the last working day of the month. Failure to pay within the month will entail the removal of the defaulter’s name from the rolls.

26.    All fines including those imposed on ground of discipline should be realised along with tuition fee.

27.   Defaulters paying their tuition fees the next moth but before their names are struck off the rolls have to pay default fine of Rs. 1.00. After the removal of the names from the college rolls they shall have to pay a readmission fee equivalent to one month’s tuition fee and an enrolment fee of Rs. 1.00

28.   Re-admission fee cannot be exempted.

29.    College tuition fee along with other charges. If for the remaining months of the academics session will be realised from a student before he/she is allowed to fill up the application from for the University/Council Examination.

30.   Declaration of the results of a college exam. Is withheld for non-payment of College dues.

31.   Casual Students of Science classes and of subjects having practical may be permitted to attend practical classes for atleast one month of payment of tuition fee for the period of their attendance.

Vii. Notice BoarD

25.   Every student should look to the college Notice Board placed at different points and the information Centre so as to get necessary information regarding all office orders, decisions and instructions given from time to time. He/she may however, seeks clarification from the office or the lecture-in-charge of the information centre, if necessary. Ignorance of a student due to negligence on this point will not be accepted as excuse.

26.   Every Student should go through the college Calendar and prospectus in his/her own interest.

IX. Proctorial system

Under the scheme, every student shall be attached to a teacher who becomes his proctor. The proctor is responsible for the maintenance of the cumulative records of the group of students under his charge on faculty basis and shall communicate with the parents and guardians, if necessary. He is to conduct a proctorial meeting at least once a month. It shall be the proctor’s duty to keep a close eye on his ward to help him in studies and other matters connected therewith. It is to be borne in mind that no application made to the principal shall be entertained unless it is recommended by the proctor concerned. Besides, his recommendations for award or free studentship and other financial assistance are given due weightage. The proctorial system if worked out in an atmosphere of love, good will and mutual understanding will fulfil the purpose for which it is intended.

X. Certificate/Documents

i) Conducted Certificate/College Leaving Certificate

Applications for Conduct Certificate/College Leaving Certificate or any other certificate should be submitted thee days before the date on which the certificates are wanted by the applicant. A no-dues certificate from the different sections in the college should be issued. However in exception cases, a duplicate C.L.C. may be issued on payment of the prescribed fees only when the principal is sufficiently convinced with the evidence. An affidavit is to be produced by the applicant to the effect that the original is lost and not used for admission else where.

ii) Identity Card

Every student shall be provided with a photo identity card duly attested by the Principal. The holder of the card must keep with him/her during the college hour, examinations and all college functions. The holder is required to produce the card whenever demanded. The college shall not be responsible for any misuse of the card. A duplicate card can be issued on satisfactory explanation for the loss or damage on payment of the prescribed fee.


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