The College union means a body of elected office bearers form among the students at the Degree Stage for one academic session.



1)  The objective are detailed as follows :

(a)   To act as the spirit and the voice of the student’s views on all legitimate matters.

(b)   To foster and encourage corporate academic life, unity and co-operation among the members of the union.

(c)   To promote educational, social, general and cultural interest of the students and to do such other things as are conductive to the fulfillment of the above objectives.



2.   The college union shall remain the sale tribune of the Students inside the college. The function are detailed as follows.

(a) To organize discussions general cultural academic national and international problems.

(b)  To invite eminent person to address the Union.

(c)  To organize debates.

(d)  To take up such other activities as are proposed by the Union and approved by the Principal.

(e)  To represent to the authorities, the views of the students on all matters.



3)     Every student of the college at +3 stage is a member of the union and is eligible to any office subject to the provisions of the articles of the constitution. No one whose name is not on the rolls of the college can be a member of the Union.

4)     There shall be an executive committee of the college union consisting of the following members :

i)  The President

ii)  Vice-President

iii) The Secretary

iv) Asst. Secretary

v) Class Representatives

The term of Office of the executive body is for one academic year.



5.  a) The functions of the Executive Committee shall be as follows.

i)  To draw up the programme of the Union activities for the session.

ii)  To adopt Union budget for the session.

iii) To undertake such other activities as are consistent with the objective of the Union in accordance with the constitution.


b) i) An ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee may be called by the Secretary in consultation with the Advisor & with the prior knowledge of the  president notice of such meeting with date, time, place and agenda, shall be given members at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

ii)   An extra ordinary meeting of the executive Committee can be convened at any time by the president with the advice of the advisor.

iii)  A meeting of the Executive Committee shall be presided over by the president or in his absence by the vice-president or in the absence of both by any member of the committee elected at the meeting such elections being conducted by the Advisor.

iv)  No meeting of the Executive Committee can be conducted without the Advisor.

v)  Fifty percent of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute the quorum.

vi) The minutes of the meeting shall be maintained by the Secretary and a copy their of shall be communicated by the Secretary to the Principal.




6.  (a) There shall be an Advisor appointed by principal from among the members of the teaching staff.

(b) The advisor shall be present at the meeting of the union. He shall assist by helpful suggestions whenever necessary in the proper conduct of the meeting. The president may refer to his any rule for interpretation, when so referred to the interpretation of the advisor shall be final.

(c) The Advisor may at anytime during the meeting at the request of the president, explain the scope and defect of motion of amendment.

(d) One or more associate-advisors may be selected by the principal from among the teaching staff to assist the Advisor in discharging his function.



7) Any member of the college union is eligible to context for the office of the president. The president shall preside over all ordinary and extra-ordinary meeting of the Union at which he is present. He shall be responsible for maintaining order and interpreting rules. His ruling shall be considered final except whenever he requests the Advisor to give final ruling.



8)  The office of the Vice-president is open to the students of classes having no final university examination in that year. In the absence of the president, the Vice president shall assume all his rights and discharge his duties.



9)  Any member of the College Union can contest for the post of Secretary.

a)  The Secretary shall arrange debates, give notice of all ordinary meetings and record the minutes of all meetings whether annual, ordinary or extra-ordinary.

b)  The Secretary shall select the agenda for the meeting in consultation with the president and the Advisor.

c)   He shall keep the accounts of the Union.


The Advisor shall countersign all the vouchers of expenditures.



10) The Assistant Secretary shall be elected from classes having no final University examination for the year. The Asst. Secy shall assist the Secretary in the discharge of his duties and in his absence all his responsibilities.



11) Every class in entitled to send one representative to the Executive Council of Union.

The vote for such posts will only be given by the students of that class or sections concerned.


12)  Once in the beginning of each session on such date as the principal may appoint election shall be held for the different posts of the college union provided normal conditions prevail, in abnormal situations the principal is empowered to hold elections of the union, on any date after the scheduled date. He must consult with tire Advisor in fixing a date for the election.

13) Notification for college union election shall be made at least 10 days before the date of election. Nomination to such elections duly proposed & seconded shall reach the principal in writing five days before the elections. The scrutiny of nomination of valid candidates and the date of withdrawal etc. Shall be intimated by the principal.

14) a)   Every member of the union has the right to vote in the election on production of the valid identity card.

     b)   No member can contest for more than one post.

     c)   No member can propose or second to more than one candidate.

     d)   One candidate contesting for one post can not propose or second another candidate.

    e)   No member shall give more than one vote for each office.

    f)   The students contesting for different posts cannot put hoarding and posters.

    g)    A student who does not have 50% attendance in the class can not contest for any post.

   h)   If any contesting candidates indulges in violent activities to intimate the students to vote for him/her he/she shall be disqualified and his/her candidature shall be cancelled.

   i)   The candidate obtaining the largest number of votes shall be declared elected.

   j)   In case of equal votes between two or more candidates, the result shall be decided by lot.



15) After he elections are over on date fixed by Principal the newly elected office bearers shall take oath & assume office. The Principal or his nominee shall preside over the oath taking.



16)  The office bearers shall hold office for the entire academic session unless they-

i)      Cease to be member of the college

ii)     Voluntary resign in writing address to the Principal.

iii)   Are removed as provided by article 19 of the constitution.



17) Once in the beginning of each session there shall be an annual meeting to welcome the new members of the Union. The Principal shall fix the date of this meeting as soon as possible. In this meeting the Annual reports of the Union of the previous session will be presented by the outgoing Secretary.



18) An ordinary meeting of the union shall be arranged by the Secretary in consultation with the President and the Advisor.



19)   An extraordinary meeting of the union may be convened

a)     At the principal’s discretion.

b)     On a written requisition addressed to the principal and signed by not less than one third of the members of the union.

c)      On the request of the president to the Principal.

20)  The principal or any person nominated by him shall preside over any extra-ordinary meeting when this is deemed necessary to the Principal.



21) The Secretary shall issue a notice two days before each ordinary meeting, containing the following particulars.

i)    Date of the meeting

ii)   Place of the meeting

iii)  Agenda of the meeting



24) a) Amendment to any of these rules shall be considered in a general meeting of the union once in the beginning of the year.

     b) An amendment before it becomes effective, must be passed by a majority of 2/3rds of the members present at the general meeting, and must have the approval of the principal.

25)   The principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the union.



1)   The club shall consist of all the members of the staff and students.

2)  The executive committee of the club shall be called Bajirout Memorial College Athletic Club. It shall consist of the following members.

a)     The Principal as the president (Ex-officio)

b)     The Vice-president nominated by the principal from among the members of the staff.

c)     One or more members of the staff nominated by principal to help the president.

d)     The Physical Education Teacher.

e)     The Secretary

f)     The Asst. Secretary.



3)  The shall be an Annual General Meeting in the Club on a date fixed by the Principal. At the meeting the Secretary will read his annual report and present the estimate of accounts for the a academic year. Amendments to the rules of the club will be considered at this meeting. Regulations or amendment will be forwarded to the Principal for his approval.



6.  a) Promotion games and athletics students

     b) General managements of the club

     c) To prepare the budget



7.  He will be in-charge of correspondence and will place the order for the sports goods needed by the club. He will also review the accounts of the club.



8.  a) He will be the convenor of all sell general and executive committee meetings.

     b) He will prepare the annual report.

     c) He will organize the college games with the assistance of Captains and Vice-Captains.



9.  a)         To copy all the invoices in the stock book

     b)         To keep an account of the sports goods.

     c)         To look after the play grounds.

     d)         To look after the programme of physical education and the gymnasium.

10. The Principal can veto any resolution based by the club. He can make new rule or amend any existing once.



1)     There shall be a Dramatic Society in the college called the B.R.M. College Dramatic Society.

2)     All the students of the College are entitled to be the members of the society.

3)     Every students of the college shall pay to the society’s fund in the college office a subscriptions of Rs. 4 Per year with the first instalment of the fees for the session.

4)     The Principal, of the college will be the ex-officio president of the Dramatic Society.

5)     The affairs of the society shall be managed by an executive committee consisting of the following members.

a)     The President

b)     The vice president. One of the members of the teaching staff to be nominated by the principal.

c)     One of more members of the staff other than Vice-president to be nominated by the principal to help the Vice-president.

d)     A secretary and assistant secretary are to be elected by +3 students to the college from among themselves.

e)     One representative from each class elected separately by the students of each class.

6)      Election of the office bearers shall be held every year on a due to be fixed by principal.

7)     After the elections are over, there shall be a meeting of all the members of Dramatic Society. In this meeting the accounts of the previous year shall be received from the out-going Secretary at newly elected office bearers shall assume office.

8)     The executive committee shall perform the following duties.

a)     Prepare and pass the budget for the year.

b)     Recommend to the principal the names of the plays to be staged and dates of the performances.

9)      All the decisions taken are subject to approval of the principal.

10)    The quorum for an ordinary meeting of the executive committee will be 1/3rd of the total members.

11)     The principal is the final authority in alt matters relating to the society.



1)     The name of the Association shall be B.R.M. College Day Scholar’s Association.

2)     The object of the association is to foster through cultural activities the spirit of fellowship co-operation and discipline among all the day scholars of the college.

3)     All the day scholars of the college are the members of the association and they have to pay each a fee of Rs. 2 annually at the time of the first depositing the instalment of the college fees.

4)     The censor of the Day Scholar’s Association will be nominated by the principal from among the members of the teaching staff.

5)     There shall be a Secretary and Asst. Secretary elected from among the day scholars at the beginning of the academic year.

a.     The Principal Ex-officio (president)

b.     The Censor

c.     The Secretary

d.     The Asst. Secretary

7)   The Secretary under the direction of the censor and approval of the principal shall organize all the functions of the association and shall be in charge of the minutes and correspondence.

8)    All expenditure incurred by the association shall be subject to approval of the principal.

9)    The principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the association.

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